tree dude, are you okay?

from by Ethan Uhl



i was 21 years when i wrote this song
i'm 22 now but i wont be for long
g bm g gm
time fucks off, and looks back
like it was somethin that you tried so hard to grasp

and it escapes, it runs away
it hides under your bed and waits
g bm g gm
until it can grab you, pull you beneath
like the wallmaster that lives inside of me

forever, forever
i will carry all my memories of you
forever, forever
time is stopped hidden in the blankets in your room
and all this shit that distance always puts us through
if you will stick with me ill stick with you

so i burn inside myself,
if this is living then i'm living in hell
i always make too much breakfast
i just talk to the walls,
i call out your name
i scream and shout and yell

im always mad at myself, i always take the blame
ill do anything just to see the day
when youre finally next to me
no more scars or broken teeth
and ill finally get to tell you
all the things i meant to say


from three songs 2: four songs, released February 29, 2016



all rights reserved


Ethan Uhl Missoula, montana

how self-obsessed can you get

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